Food for Thought

There’s a wonderful couple I’ve been dog walking for over the last year. Back in February on the tail-end of a rainy, Oregon winter, I was walking their boxer, Phoebe, when we meandered down a hill near a bunch of housing construction sites. There were dozens of cigarette butts gathered by the curb that had been carried by the rain from the days before. A few days later in one of my environmental studies classes, we were talking about the waste on the side of the road – how it tells a story and this came to mind:

Cigarette butts flow down the street
washed away by the rain.
Left in the gutter when the rains have dried;

Photo found here.

ten, fifteen, twenty, why?
No one cares. It doesn’t matter. “It’s
just one.”
But it’s not.
One for you, maybe –
one an hour, a day, a week.
Throw it away – where does it go?
Out of sight, out of mind
but there is no away.
The world is not ours. The world is our
She owns us.
Where has our reverence gone?

Wake up now before the world is gone;
see our destruction,
see our ambition on
a double-edge sword.
Our pride is our downfall – in ourselves,
our accomplishments…
our failure to take responsibility
for our actions.
So what? Why does any of this matter? We
only live once anyway.
Why spend it living carefully?
It matters because there are generations who
will follow,
will lead,
But they can’t do it alone.

We must set the example:
make a change,
work together,
create a world we can live well in.
Not wealth or material possessions.
Give us fresh air and water,
healthy food – clean food,
food and home security.
Cigarette butts flow down the street,
ten, fifteen, twenty, why?



2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Kristoffer Valera says:

    I always find it sad when I see trash on the side of the road. I can’t believe how careless we are to our home. If we don’t take care of Earth now, future generations won’t be able to witnesses the beauty that is this planet…..or at least whats left of it.

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