Modern Technology in Education is a great place to sell your unwanted electronics or gift cards for cash and this year they’re giving away even more cash to help students like me pay for college and pursue their dreams.

While going through finals week, I utilized Google Drive and Documents for most of my classes. With a team of peers, we would fill out the study guide provided by the teacher or created by us from our notes. The ability to access Google Drive from any device, share and edit various documents was extremely valuable as a study aid. If laptops or tablets were allowed in lectures, as some professors had restrictions on technology use during lecture periods, these tools could be utilized to take notes as the professor talks. The benefit of this style is that several people have a dozen points of view, even listening to the same lecture. This allows for a broader perspective when studying, which is beneficial, especially if the required examinations are essays. You’ll have more material to pull from with this collaboration versus working independently.

Other techniques I have used, or seen used, are tablets used for note taking, complete with apps, word processors, and stylus. Again, some professors prohibited technology use during lectures, but even still, using your tablet to take notes or studying later is unique as there are hundreds of apps dedicated to educational purposes. Some benefits are taking notes right on the slide shows provided, creating flashcards for classes like Chemistry, History, or Anatomy.

On top of being able to save trees, creating virtual flashcards has the advantage of being more portable as they take up less space. You don’t have to worry about creating 200 flashcards, keep track of them, keep them dry, or make sure you have enough space in your bag to store them. There are apps that I’ve found after finishing my undergraduate degree that I wish I’d known about before as they would have been incredibly valuable to my study habits. Now that I’m going into my first year of graduate school, I will absolutely utilize every resource I can get my hands on.


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