Fossil Fuel Series: Part 2

Standing Rock vs. President Trump As someone who is fairly new to how politics work and the jargon, etc. as I spent my teen years actively avoiding what I saw as corrupt nonsense better to be ignored than bought into, I have a question for our new president:  Do you truly believe that climate change doesn’t exist, that we won’t have devastating consequences if we … Continue reading Fossil Fuel Series: Part 2

For the Love of Elephants

“They say elephant’s eyes speak the greatest language. Who else can make you feel so much without a word?” ~”The Legend of Tarzan”, John Clayton/Tarzan In recent years, elephants have been reverently referred to in various sources: movies like “The Legend of Tarzan” and “The Jungle Book” as well as books like “Modoc”. For centuries before that, elephants have been hunted for their ivory, put … Continue reading For the Love of Elephants

Dancing in National Parks

“We don’t appreciate what we have, and what we have is incredible.” – Katie Shields Art is a form of expression, whether it be painting, writing, photography or dancing. Art is a way of conveying a message from the artist to the wider world, whether we care to take the time to understand and appreciate it or not. My former college roommate, Katie Shields, 22, … Continue reading Dancing in National Parks