The Last March of the Ents

For those of you who don’t know me, aside from being completely obsessed with elephants, I’m also extremely fond of The Lord of the Rings movies. I have read The Hobbit, and the Fellowship as well as the first half of the Two Towers, so bear with me. Of the original movie trilogy, The Two Towers was always my favorite mostly for the amazing fight … Continue reading The Last March of the Ents

Food for Thought

There’s a wonderful couple I’ve been dog walking for over the last year. Back in February on the tail-end of a rainy, Oregon winter, I was walking their boxer, Phoebe, when we meandered down a hill near a bunch of housing construction sites. There were dozens of cigarette butts gathered by the curb that had been carried by the rain from the days before. A … Continue reading Food for Thought

Of Life, Nature, and Promises

In 1994 I was born into an Air Force family, a lifestyle well known for its tendency to be semi-nomadic. As you can imagine, I grew up with a sense of wonder for the world and an extreme capacity for wanderlust. I have never left the country, save for a weekend trip to Vancouver, Canada when I was ten, but I have list upon list … Continue reading Of Life, Nature, and Promises